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Being overweight or obese can put you on the fast trackto a number of health troubles, from heart disease to diabetes.

  • Are you facing these everyday challenges due to excess weight?
  • Shopping for clothes is a nightmare?
  • Traveling to office is tough?
  • Tired of listening undue health tips?
  • Faced elevator embarrassement in mall?

Those excess kilos can open you up to developing a number of related medical issues. While some of the problems are visible soon enough, some might show up only in the long term. As per our expert,10 health conditions you could be facing if you are on the heavier side.

  • Best non-invasive solution for Obesity.
  • Average weight reduction of 5 Kgs in just 2 weeks.
  • Leading Ayurveda clinic for Panchkarma Treatment.
  • The best Kerala style Ayurveda Therapies to get optimum results.

“Why choose Kairali Ayurvedic Centre?”

Our proprietary“Synchronisms EnergyExcitation System”(SEES) isunique in Ayurveda and hasbeen appreciated world over.

Root Cause Treatment, withPrakriti Analysis includingadvice on Diet.

We look after your entireLifestyle Improvements.

45 minutes PersonalizedConsultation with SeniorKerala based AyurvedaDoctor.

Own ManufacturingFacility for AyurvedaMedicine.

Constant Connect: YourHealth in Important to us.


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Case Studies

I used to weigh over 100kgs when I enrolled in the Ayurvedic Weight Loss Program at Kairali. At the time when I joined the program, my only goal was to lose weight. However, after the consultation and guidance by the Ayurvedic doctor there, my target became not only to lose weight but to maintain a naturally healthy body too.
I was given a detailed diet and lifestyle plan, which was hard to follow in the initial weeks As much as the diet was necessary, so were the routine therapeutic oil massages and yoga – performed and instructed by trained therapists, all under the secure guidance of the Ayurveda doctors at Kairali.
After four weeks of intensive yoga training, therapies, and diet changes, I lost some kilograms and gained a new insight towards regulating my body weight and maintaining a nactive life style.
I was contacted by my doctor a few weeks after my program ended to know if I was doing well and whether the program was effective or not. That follow-up call was on its own a very motivating factor for me to keep going. I plan to rejoin the program a gain to continue my weight loss journey and I’m very optimistic about it.

Customer Testimonials

Meet Our Doctor

Gita Ramesh
Managing Director

Bachelor in Alternative System of Medicine andM Sc. (Biochemistry)

  • Awarded ‘Best Woman Entrepreneur for Promoting Wellness’ by Safari India National Tourism
  • A renowned Ayurvedic chef and scholar
  • Started Kairali Ayurvedic Institute of Ayurveda & Panchkarma Therapy.
  • Authored an Ayurvedic Book called “Ayurvedic Herbal Massages” and “The Ayurvedic Cookbook”.

Dr. Shiney Linu
BAMS, Diet and Nutritionist

AMS, Diet and Nutritionist,YOGA Trainer, PGDHA

  • More than 15 Years of Ayurvedic Practice across India
  • Received Certification in Diet and Nutrition
  • Certified Yoga Trainer
  • BAMS from Ashwini Ayurvedic Medical College & P.G. Centre, Karnataka

Dr. Shari. K

  • 15 Years of Ayurvedic Practice across India and South East Asia
  • Fellowship in Advanced General Education (FAGE) from Manipal University
  • BAMS from Muniyal Institute of Ayurveda Medical Science, Bangalore

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